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Wildflower CBD Vaporizer


These vaporizers are designed to provide a highly effective and efficient delivery system for these plant-based cannabinoid formulations infused with plant-based essential oils in a 100% vegan, all natural base.

The elegant and innovative design features a stainless steel casing, a vortex tip, and a liquid chamber technology which separates the vapor from the oil, preventing wax particle or oil from being inhaled, allowing for a super clean, light but effective draw. 

The disposable vaporizer is packaged with one unit, that will provide an estimated 225 draws before expiration, requiring no charging. 

We are highlighting two featured blends:

Immunity: Concentrated 500 mg CBD oil, fortified with immune building essential oils including eucalyptus, cinnamon, myrrh, and peppermint. 

Aches: Experience an immediate reduction of inflammation, intended to relieve pressure from muscular aches and tension.

Formulated with highly concentrated CBD oils and therapeutic essential oils with a mint flavor profile.

These products are non-psychoactive. 

Every batch of oil is third party tested and verified. 

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